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Alimony Recovery

Saint George Utah Alimony Attorneys

​Alimony is an order mandated by the Court which determines that one party pays the other party while they are separated, in the process of getting divorced, or after the divorce is final.

Financial support can give one party in the divorce  financial resources needed to maintain a lifestyle similar to the one enjoyed during the marriage and can be requested by either the husband or the wife.

The Court may award temporary spousal support during the divorce proceedings or for a longer period after the divorce has become finalized.  The couple’s standard of living at the time of separation is generally a determining factor in rewarding alimony.  The Court decides how long alimony will continue.  The Court can also modify alimony depending on the circumstances of both parties.


Who can Receive Alimony?

The Court considers a number of issues in deciding whether or not to grant spousal support.  They include the following:

  • The financial health of the individual seeking alimony and their ability to pay debts or meet monthly obligations such as rent.

  • The persons ability to produce income and whether they are physically or mentally able to work.

  • The ability of the other party to provide support.

  • Children who are in the custody of the person seeking spousal support.

  • The length of the marriage.

  • The petitioner’s contributions to a business owned by a spouse.

  • ”Fault” in the breakup of the marriage due to infidelity or harm to the children or spouse.

Utah Spousal Support Cases

​Generally speaking, spousal support payments in Utah don’t exceed the number of years the marriage existed.  This type of support can also be granted for even shorter periods depending on the circumstances.  Loss of a job or inability to pay alimony are factors the Court will consider.  When the spouse receiving alimony remarries or dies, it is terminated.

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