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Child Custody

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Understanding Child Custody Child Custody in Utah

In cases where the Court deems one parent unable or unfit to care for their children, it may be necessary for the other parent to have sole legal and sole physical custody of their children.  Under these circumstances, the non-custodial parent is usually granted visitation time with the children.  If the non-custodial parent had exhibited signs that may endanger the children, the Court may order supervised visitation or no visitation at all.

Joint legal and physical custody is an arrangement whereby the children live with both parents.

Joint physical custody means the children live at least 111 nights a year in the home of each parent.  A schedule is agreed upon by the two parties and both parents participate in making major decisions.  Some of the joint decisions include where the children will be raised, what type of medical treatment they receive, what school they attend, and what religion if any the children will be raised in.

Another arrangement may involve joint legal custody, but sole physical custody.  Under these circumstances, children live with one parent over 225 nights per year.  The other parent has visitation and shares in making important decisions regarding the welfare of the children. Another arrangement is called split custody.  In these cases, each parent is awarded sole custody of at least one of the children while the other cares for additional children.  Legal custody may or may not be shared by the non-custodial parent.

Factors in Awarding Child Custody

In cases where the Court determines who has custody of the children, a number of different factors are taken into consideration.

They include the following:

  1. Which parent is more likely to act in the best interest of the child.

  2. Conduct and moral standards of each parent.

  3. Which parent is more likely to allow the children to visit with the other parent.

  4. The quality of the relationships between the parents and the children.

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