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St. George Utah Mediation Attorneys

The Purpose of Mediation​

Mediation is an interactive process designed to resolve conflicts.  In a legal dispute, a third, neutral party assists both sides in resolving their differences outside of the Court.  Mediators use specialized negotiation techniques in which both sides actively participate.  Mediation is an alternative way to resolve disputes.  The mediator facilitates meetings which allow both sides to air their concerns and grievances.  The mediator evaluates the information and seeks ways for the two parties to reach an agreement.

Mediation in Utah​

In 1994, the Utah State Legislature passed a bill that mandates that all divorce cases go through mediation.  The Alternative Dispute Resolution has been found to be a faster and less expensive way for divorcing couples to reach an agreement.  Because the mediation takes place outside of the Court, it provides more flexibility in resolving disputes. Mediation is not designed to replace traditional litigation.  Rather, mediation is used as a tool to supplement and streamline the process.

Advantages of Mediation​

The mediator is a neutral negotiator agreed upon by both parties who share the cost of the service.  Mediation is held outside the Court in an informal setting.  The advantage of this type of conflict resolution is that the meeting is collaborative, thus allowing both parties to actively participate in the process.  Mediation can speed up the divorce cases, saving the two parties both time and money.

Terminating Mediation​

If one side drops out of mediation unilaterally, they may be responsible for paying all of the fees associated with the mediation process.  In some cases, the mediator may terminate the proceedings if they determine the parties are unlikely to reach an agreement.  If the parties involved are unable to reach an agreement, the case is then resolved through litigation in the Court system.

The Park Law Firm Can Help

​The Park Law Firm has been involved in numerous cases that were successfully resolved using a mediator.  We understand how important it is to save clients time and money and subsequently value the mediation process.  We have worked with several mediators who have a proven track record for conflict resolution.  At the Park Law Firm, we’re dedicated to helping our clients get the best results possible in a divorce case.  We understand how painful divorces can be and will work hard to get any disputes resolved as quickly as possible.  Call the Park Law Firm today.