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Marijuana Crimes

A couple of states, including our eastern neighbor Colorado, has authorized legal,  recreational pot utilizatiom of late, and you may think about whether Utah is  next. The appropriate response is not exactly yet. In spite of Colorado’s legitimization endeavors, the Beehive State still denies residents recreational use of the plant.

Cannabis Laws in Utah

Generally, cannabis ownership and dealings are illicit in Utah. A conviction for offering oroselling pot to another in constitutes an unlawful offense deserving of up to 15 years in jail, contingent upon past criminal history and case facts. Utah allows patients experiencing epileptic issue to utilize cannabidiol (CBD) in restricted fixations for therapeutic treatment.

While state weed laws manage pot inside the state, maryjane ownership, dealings, and trafficking stay illicit under federal law.  So in case you’re considering sneaking to Colorado to get around Utah’s maryjane boycott, you should realize that regardless of whether a state’s pot laws may state it’s lawful, federal law will dependably trump state law if there is a cover.

Code Section Utah Code 58-37, et. seq.: Utah Controlled Substances Act
Possession Under 1 oz.: Class B misdemeanor;

1-16 oz. not yet extracted from plant: Class A misdemeanor;

Over 1 lb.-100 lbs.: 3rd degree felony;

Over 100 lbs.: 2nd degree felony;

Subsequent offense: one degree greater penalty than provided for

Sale 3rd degree felony;

Subsequent offense: 2nd degree felony;