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Dog Bites


​At the Park Law Firm, we understand dogs are well-loved animals. Unfortunately, they can also be aggressive and dangerous. Being attacked by a dog is not only traumatic, it can have serious health consequences as well. The first thing to do is seek immediate medical attention.

​Report All Dog Attacks

​It is important to report any dog attack to the police. A dog who bites is dangerous so law enforcement needs to be made aware of any situation that could cause harm to others. Give law enforcement a thorough description of how the attack occurred. If possible, photograph any evidence at the scene, including all injuries that were sustained. Ask for a copy of the report from law enforcement.

​If there were any witnesses to the attack, it is crucial that their statements are taken by law enforcement. Witnesses may play a key role in backing up your version of the incident, especially if it differs from that of the dog owner. In addition to contacting law enforcement, report the attack to animal control. This is especially important if the dog doesn’t have tags or if you are unable to locate the owner. Ask animal control to check to see if there were any previous incidents involving the animal.

​Document the Attack

​Keeping records of what occurred during a dog attack is an important component in the success of any potential lawsuit that may arise as a result of the incident. The Park Law Firm recommends obtaining all records from law enforcement and photographs from the scene. You should also have copies of all medical records as they relate to your treatment. Carefully document every medical expense associated with your injuries.​

  • Each dog bit case is unique, but there are some standard questions that apply to these attacks. They include the following:

  • Was the dog attack unprovoked?

  • Did the attack occur on private or public property?

  • What breed of dog was involved in the attack? For example, was it a Rottweiler or Pit Bull Terrier?

  • Did the animal involved have a prior history of biting or attacking humans or other animals?

  • Were local “leash laws” violated when the attack occurred?

  • Did the bite or attack result in long-term or permanent medical problems?
    Seek Legal Advice if Necessary​​​

Here at the Park Law Firm, we understand dog attacks can leave victims physically and emotionally scarred. Treatment may be needed long after the attack has occurred. The costs associated with treatment can be expensive so it is in your best interest to find out if you are eligible for financial compensation.

At the Park Law Firm, you will find knowledgeable, compassionate professionals ready to assist you. We have successfully handled dog bite cases and are ready to fight for your financial compensation. Let the Park Law Firm navigate the complicated details in your dog bite case. Call the Park Law Firm today for your free consultation.