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Motorcycle Accidents


The Park Law Firm has information for you if you’ve been injured in a car accident. First and foremost, your safety and those involved take precedent. Call 911 for immediate help if anyone appears to be injured. Even in what may seem to be minor accidents, it’s important not to take risks. Make sure to report all accidents to law enforcement. Only a police officer can ascertain which driver is legally at fault.

Seeking medical care in a timely manner is crucial. Inform your medical care provider of any injuries that you may have sustained. Following doctor’s orders is key to a successful recovery and an important component in any potential lawsuit that may arise. Make sure that all medical procedures relating to the accident are well documented. The success of a claim for monetary compensation resulting from an accident will be based on these records. If necessary, seek a second medical opinion.

Notify Insurance Company

All parties involved in the accident should exchange pertinent information such as names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, vehicle licenses, and insurance information. Whenever possible, take photographs of the scene. Photograph any obvious skid marks or other debris. Making statements to the other drivers that could later be used against you should be avoided. Simply give law enforcement your honest recollection of the events without conjecture.

Dealing with insurance companies may seem daunting, but most agents are eager to assist you. As soon as possible, contact the company that insures your vehicle to report the accident. Your claim will be given a number and an adjuster will be assigned to your case. Provide your insurance company with any pertinent information. Make sure to ask for a copy or recording of any statements you made regarding the accident.

Report the accident to the other driver’s insurance company as well. Share with them any documentation you may have. Exercise caution when making statements to an opposing insurance company, keeping in mind their best interests lie with their own clients. Your insurance policy may cover the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. If you were not at fault, your insurance company may provide you a car and seek reimbursement from the at-fault party.

Hire an Attorney When Needed

Legal issues as they relate to car accidents can be complicated. At times, it may be necessary to bring in an attorney to navigate through the claims and make sure you are compensated fully for your loss. This is where the Park Law Firm can help. With offices in St. George and Cedar City, the Park Law Firm is ready to assist you through the entire process. Our competent, well-trained staff has successfully handled numerous personal injury cases. We’re knowledgeable and well versed in claim settlement negotiations.Car accidents are traumatic enough. Let the Park Law Firm ease your concerns by assisting you in all aspects of your case.